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Pinnacle Culture Multiplier

Why Is Feeling Heard So Important?

More Engaged

Highly engaged employees are 3x more likely to say they feel heard at their workplace (92%) than highly disengaged employees (30%).

More Effective

74% of employees report they are more effective at their job when they feel heard.

Financially Outperform

88% of employees whose companies financially outperform others in their industry feel heard compared to 62% of employees at financially underperforming companies.

Why do a Culture Survey?


“A company's culture
is the foundation for future innovation. An entrepreneur's job is to build the foundation” -Brian Chesky

Pinnacle’s Approach – Culture Multiplier On Questionpro

Pinnacle's culture multiplier on QuestionPro

Pinnacle’s Culture Multiplier Makes Sense Because

Understand, Reflect and leverage Authentic Leadership
Build Resilience for the New Economy
Develop the Mindsets/ Skillsets for Change and building High-Performance Cultures
Lead to manifest the Knowledge era thinking and manifest Cultures of Contribution
Build Meritocracies and manifest Humanocracies
Human-centric Leadership, Listening and Compassion.