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Holistic Learning Solutions for Business Impact

Holistic Learning Solutions to Deliver Business Impact

We understand that Learning and Behaviour Change are a function of Capability, Culture and Processes. We consult you on creating the right Ecosystem to make Learning stick and measure the Impact on Business.

Our Approach for Custom Learning Solutions:

Define the Business Impact: We bring in our expertise of using the 6Ds Principles of Learning Transfer to define the Business Impact. A classroom training may often not be the right solution and we bring in the clarity to identify the need- be a change in knowledge, skill/ technique, mindset/ attitude, behaviour, culture, process or support. We use our Proprietary Diagnostics based on Thought Leadership and Research and perfected over time.

Design the Experience for the Learner: We believe that 80% of the learning happens outside the classroom. We design the entire experience for the learner not just as Pre and Post Work for the Training Intervention but design the entire Ecosystem considering Culture of High Performance, how the job is performed, how employee learns and what support does he/she need.

Develop for Application: We follow a systemic technique of designing content and the mode of delivery that's impactful to address the 'I can Do' and "I will Do' for the learner. The lens we use to design is Relevance, Fun, Impact. Our subject matter expertise involves learning strategy, change and performance management, Diversity consultative and Value selling and Customer service. We curate and create content and host it on our Learning Management System, both self paced recorded content and live virtual sessions.

Drive Learning Transfer and Deploy Performance Support: We recognize that transfer is a critical, integral part of the process and put in place systems of accountability and performance support in the form of job aids, feedback and coaching.

Document Results: All our efforts are geared towards delivering impact to the business. We mine for insights and analytics for continuous learning. We help you market the results of the learning solution to your stakeholders.

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