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High Performance Culture for Sales Teams

Pinnacle's High-Performance Culture for Sales Teams

Building a High-Performance Culture in this economic environment calls for having the best Leadership skills for the challenges of the moment. In other words, Leadership matters, given its influence on the entire Organizational Performance and perception regarding Ethics, Purpose, Empathy, Fairness, Inclusiveness and Motivation of followers across the whole stakeholder gamut. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its Black Swan disruption of the Global Economy, the vulnerability of Organizations - large and small - is on full display across industries. Besides managing Virtual Teams is part of the challenges, so are the Supply Chain disruptions, Building Organizational Resilience, Organizational Agility, Diversity and Inclusion.

At Pinnacle we have pioneered Proprietary Approaches for Building High Performance Cultures that have yielded magical results of -

  • Increased Market Share
  • Outperforming Competition on Market Performance
  • Closing 2020 as the Best Performance Year
  • Remaining Productive, Sustaining Performance with Speed through ever disruptive times
  • Building Agile Inclusive Cultures of Collaboration, Employeeship and Innovation

Our Approach:

  • Our Distinctive Proprietary Diagnostics Process enables us to uncover the Secret Sauce - Lifegiving Forces to drive Change for our Client
  • We define High Performance Culture Mindsets and Behaviours - driven across levels through Contemporary Learning and Communication
  • We drive significant Strategic and Tactical focus areas for Change and build momentum for Change through Co-creation and Collaboration

Pinnacle's High-Performance Journeys includes:

  • Creation of custom Performance Architectures for High Performance
  • High Performance Communication for Transformation Mindsets and Behaviours
  • High Performance Goal Setting and Objective Key Results (OKR) Expertise
  • High Performance Self-Assessment for Self-Development
  • High Performance Surveys and Pulse setter to measure the extent of change

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